CoreHR Upgrade phase 2.1: preparing for go-live

What will happen at go-live?

At go-live, the Recruitment functionality will be migrated from the Back Office to the Portal, which is planned for Wednesday 19 February 2020.

Prior to go-live, there will be a two day period (17 and 18 February) when the HRIS Support Centre will assign the Portal Recruitment menus to all existing Recruitment users (and new users who have met the relevant criteria). During this period, the new Recruitment menus will appear in the Portal screen. However, you must not use this new functionality until you receive confirmation by email that go-live has been completed successfully. You can continue to use the Back Office until given the go-ahead that Portal Recruitment can be used.

NB We are pleased to confirm that this work will not require any system downtime. This also means that there won’t be any impact on applicants during this timeframe. 


What must I do to prepare?

1. Complete the mandatory eLearners

In our last project newsletter, we explained that you will be required to complete a set of ten mandatory Recruitment eLearners prior to go-live. Following a review of the material, this number has been reduced to seven. Please note that you should still allocate a total of 3.5 hours to complete the eLearners by the end of the Tuesday 18 February deadline. Access to the Portal will be delayed for any user who hasn’t completed all mandatory eLearners by the deadline. 

eLearners can be accessed at any time and completed in stages, if required. The training team will be tracking your progress over the next two weeks and will be on hand to provide assistance. Access the eLearners here.

UPDATE 17/02/2020: As communicated to all users, please note, that the deadline for completion of the eLearners has been extended to Friday 21 February. 

2. Read 'What's new in CoreHR - phase 2.1

We have created a summary of all the new features and changes delivered as a result of migrating Recruitment into the Portal. Please read this document for a full understanding of what will be different when using the Portal functionality. Click here to read 'What's new in CoreHR - phase 2.1'.

3. Watch the go-live video

We have produced a video (under 20 minutes) to provide an overview of the key information you need to know for go-live. This includes a demo of Recruitment in the Portal. 

Note: This video includes audio, so headphones or speakers twill be required

CoreHR Upgrade project: Go-live video (Phase 2.1)


4. 'Submit web applicants' before go-live

In the Portal, you will no longer be required to ‘submit web applicants’, upon a vacancy closing. This is one of a number of small but positive changes that the new interface offers.

To ensure a smooth transition from Back Office to Portal, please submit all web applicants (in the Back Office) for open vacancies, by the end of Tuesday 18 February. See section A1 of REC03 Online Applications if you need guidance on this process.

Any applications that have not been submitted by go-live will NOT transfer over from the Back Office to the Portal. We will include a reminder to undertake a final check, in our email confirmation that go-live has been completed successfully, to ensure no applicants are left behind!

5. Need more help? Book onto a workshop

Workshops are available to users who would like further support on completion of the seven mandatory Recruitment eLearners. These face-to-face sessions will aid the user’s understanding of particular aspects of the Recruitment functionality. Note that these are not a substitute for the eLearners, which must be completed before you attend a workshop. Places are limited and offered on a first come, first served basis.

Workshops will be run on 20, 25 and 27 February. Further dates will be released if there is sufficient demand. Please visit the new Recruitment Training and Access webpage for more information and to register.

Note: these workshops apply to existing users only. Information about training and system access for new users can also be found at the link above.