HR Reporting: post go-live update

We hope that since go-live on 22 July 2020, many of you have now had the opportunity to use HR Reporting.

Whilst the tool is intuitive to use, we have found some common queries, particularly in relation to access, which we wanted to clarify.  

Accessing and logging into HR Reporting 

  1. The tool is hosted via CONNECT and can only be accessed on the University’s network. This means that if you are working from home, you must be connected via VPN or remote desktop in order to access the tool. 
  2. Users must have a current and active CONNECT account. If you haven’t yet activated your CONNECT account, please contact HRIS Support in order to do this. 
  3. If you experience issues with your CONNECT account/logging into CONNECT, you can manage your account, including resetting your password, at If this doesn’t resolve your issue, please contact HRIS Support. 
  4. CONNECT details must be entered in the format: CONNECT\SSO details, eg CONNECT\admn1234. Please note the backward slash.  
  5. Once you have located the report that you wish to run, you will need to enter your HR Reporting login details – these are your existing Discoverer login details. If you have forgotten your Discoverer password, please contact HRIS Support to reset it. NB If you started your role after 22 July, these will be the login details provided to you when you were granted access to CoreHR. 

Please always follow the HR Reporting How-To Guide for steps on logging in and running reports. 

Reports – permissions to access 

The security/access to reports set-up is different in the new tool. You should only have access to the reports you need and to which you have permission. If you cannot see all your usual reports, please contact HRIS Support who will be able to check your access permissions. Equally, if you are seeing reports or data to which you shouldn’t have access, please notify us with immediate effect. 

Lastly, we are aware that at go-live two reports were missing in the new tool: Furlough and Payslip Exceptions. We are pleased to confirm that these reports are now available.