CoreHR Recruitment training provision for new users: phase 2.1 and beyond

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The monthly 'Using Core eRecruitment' classroom-based training for new users has now closed. Once Recruitment is migrated into the Portal, new users will be required to complete mandatory eLearners in order to gain access to the Recruitment functionality in CoreHR. Subject to Single Sign-On access, new users will be able to complete these on their release in February. Progress will be monitored to ensure that users are only granted access on successful completion of the eLearners. As this training will be available to complete at any time, users can gain faster access to the system, taking only 3.5 hours to complete, compared with two half-day classroom-based sessions previously. 

Within three months of commencing their appointment, users will also be required to attend a half-day workshop, where they will complete a series of exercises under the tutelage of a trainer. Please note that the first of these workshops will commence in April.  

Training and access for new users will be requested in the same way as at present, via the HRIS Support Centre’s web pages.

Read-only system access can be granted to new users on completion of basic eLearners which cover an introduction to CoreHR and how to navigate the system, without the need to attend a follow-up workshop.

Personnel and other standard training will continue to be classroom based for the time being, and can be requested from the HRIS website.