Our HRIS training is changing!

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Under our supplier-hosted service the University will soon be in the cycle of undertaking more frequent system upgrades.  We therefore need to create an agile and engaging training programme which supports this new approach. 

Next year, we will be introducing a blended learning experience, offering CoreHR users a combination of engaging learning tools including bite size online media as well as traditional face-to-face teaching. We will introduce a consolidated and simplified set of user-friendly support tools: online videos, short e-learners, step-by-step concise guides and scenario factsheets.

This approach has been developed following consultation with departmental HR staff at a facilitated workshop which took place in June, as part of the HR Framework. It offers department users a number of benefits:


  • Increased knowledge and capability amongst users
  • A flexible and timely approach to learning. For example, users will be given system access following completion of mandatory online training, on the condition of attending a workshop 3 months later.
  • Monitoring and reporting of each learner’s progress and comprehension
  • Provision of comprehensive refresher training for users
  • Simplified and concise suite of training resources that are easier to manage and update
  • Ease of access to all learning for users that is consistent with much of the University

What's next?

In the first instance this approach will be implemented for new users of the Recruitment module only, to align with the project’s delivery approach. We will communicate in more detail about this early next year.