What are the POGs?

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The context and concept

Following our migration to a supplier-hosted service in May 2019, CoreHR host our database and the technical infrastructure required to run the CoreHR software. The benefits of this include superior infrastructure, a simplified support model, and the ability to upgrade faster and more frequently, allowing us to keep up to date with CoreHR's latest developments.

Once we have fully adopted this model, we can expect to receive twice-yearly system upgrades.  These will be managed by the HRIS Support Centre who will need to make a rapid assessment of the change impact and reach decisions on system/process changes quickly. We have created Product Ownership Groups (aka POGs) to help us achieve this, by enabling early engagement and greater involvement from the user community. Designed to align with specific functional areas of the system, these small groups consist of members who are experts from across the relevant areas of the University, including regular departmental/divisional system users and current members of the HRIS User Group.

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POGs in practice

These groups will be accountable for assessing and implementing changes within the system and any associated processes they may impact. The groups will work in an agile and highly flexible manner to enable an efficient rollout of activities and implement changes to the system and processes. Initially, we have set up four groups: recruitment, personnel, pay and reward. Future groups will be set up as the need for them arises. The full group member list will soon be published on the project website. 

Piloting POGs - Phase 2 of CoreHR upgrade

Phase 2 of the CoreHR upgrade project presents the perfect opportunity for us to trial the 'POG' way of working. There are a lot of items in scope for the upgrade that need to be prioritised and the impact assessed. During this stage, the project team will work collaboratively with the POGs to ensure sound decision-making on any changes and new system features.