Mandatory Recruitment eLearners: phase 2.1 go-live and beyond

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eLearners will become the primary learning tool for the University’s HRIS training, both for new users of CoreHR and for upskilling existing users whenever the system is upgraded. These bite-sized online courses are designed to be interactive and engaging for the learner, including video clips, visual aids and recap quizzes. Users can complete eLearners at their desk in their own time, and in stages, if required. This provides great flexibility and enables faster access to be granted to CoreHR for new users.

For phase 2.1 go-live:

The following ten Recruitment eLearners have been created to prepare users for the launch of phase 2.1, and will be a prerequisite for attending one of the scheduled workshops:

1. Introduction to HRIS CoreHR 6. Selecting candidates: post shortlisting screening
2. Recruitment navigation 7. Selecting candidates: interview preparation
3. Preparing the vacancy for advertising: part 1 8. Offering employment: successful and non-successful candidates
4. Preparing the vacancy for advertising: part 2 9. Correspondence in CoreHR: letters
5. Selecting candidates: shortlisting packs and priority candidate screening 10. Correspondence in CoreHR: email


All existing CoreHR Recruitment users must complete these courses by end of Tuesday 18 February. Users will be able to access these eLearners via the University’s course booking system (CoSy). Links will be shared with all users in the week commencing 3 February. Each eLearner takes between ten and 30 minutes to complete. Please allocate a total of 3.5 hours in your calendars from the week commencing 3 February, and until the end of Tuesday 18 February, to complete these mandatory online courses.

After go-live:

After phase 2.1, these eLearners will also form part of new user training for the Recruitment module. More eLearners will be released later this year, some of which will be mandatory for all users and others will be completed based on role-specific duties.

What do they look like?

1. The eLearning is intuitive and easy to navigate: 

course intro screen
4th lesson example

2. The course moves fluidly down the screen and there are clear instructions to prompt you: 

2nd lesson example
3rd lesson example

3. Each eLearner includes recaps and quizzes to keep you on track:

interactive recaps example


4. Finally, users can access the eLearners from a tablet or mobile (if on the University network).