Project progress update: where are we now?

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The team is currently busy exploring the configured test environment, where the Recruitment module has been set up in the Portal.  We are prioritising the move of Recruitment to Portal to facilitate the introduction of a number of opportunities identified by the Recruitment Focus project

Analysis and testing of new configuration is crucial to the success of the project as it enables us to identify any changes that will impact you, as system users, and to pick up any issues early on. The outcome of this work will be shared with all users in a future edition of this newsletter. We anticipate that User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the Recruitment processes in the Portal will take place early next year; we will involve system users and members of our newly created recruitment “POG” in this testing.  Once we have completed the migration of Recruitment to the Portal we will turn our attention to Personnel.

A key objective of this project is to make preparations for the adoption of more frequent upgrades in the future. To support this new way of working, we have created ‘Product Ownership Groups’ (POGs), whose initial focus will be to assist the project team with the delivery of the remainder of phase 2. Find out more here: ‘Who are the POGs’?