End of Furlough Scheme

Furlough Scheme ending 30th September 2021

Please continue to enter furlough start and end dates and the Appt: Part-time Furlough Weekly Hours UDF data by following the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS or ‘furlough’): system guidance as early as practicable for the remainder of this month.

As the furlough scheme ends at the end of this month, please ensure that for any individual whose period of furlough ends on 30 September 2021:

  • the effective date of the FURLOUGH END… appointment change record is 01-OCT-2021, and
  • a ‘Period To’ date of 30-SEP-2021 is added to the final ‘Appt: Part-time Furlough Weekly Hours UDF’, where an individual is working part of their contractual hours

This will ensure that the Furlough End Date is populated with 30-SEP-2021 in the PERDEP91 Employee Furlough History report output and it matches the ‘Period To’ date.

Using HR Reporting you can run the Home Personnel Tracking Reports PERDEP91 Furlough Monitoring PERDEP91 Employee Furlough History & PERDEP91 Part-Time Furlough History paginated reports to identify all the individuals.

The claim for September 2021 must be with HMRC within two weeks of the following month. Once you have entered data to PeopleXD, central staff need time to check for accuracy, work with you to resolve errors, and then process that information in order to make the HMRC claim on time. Any records entered after the deadline will not be able to be claimed from HMRC resulting in lost income for the University.

The HR Analytics team would like to thank PeopleXD users who have been accurately inputting furlough changes in a timely fashion.