HRIS Guardians

This role was introduced into departments as part of the implementation of e-Recruitment. Since then, the duties have been updated to reflect the roll out of Personnel across the University. Every department with access to CoreHR must have a Guardian appointed.

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The role of the HRIS Guardian is to take responsibility for all matters HRIS within a given organisational unit i.e. an academic department, divisional or central team. This will include:

  1. Ensuring that within their unit, personnel data is managed properly and in accordance with Personnel Services and HRIS process and guidance.
  2. That data quality is reviewed and maintained in accordance with data ownership responsibilities.
  3. Ensuring that HRIS process and guidance is adopted and enacted within the department.
  4. Ensuring that access to CoreHR is accorded only to the appropriate people within their department by means of authorisation of the relevant user role.
  5. Working with the assistance of the HRIS Support Centre to review the profile of access to HRIS for their department and notify staff changes to the HRIS Support Centre in a timely fashion.
  6. Whilst individual users will be accountable for their use of the system, for operating within data protection requirements, for attending training and ensuring they remain up-to-date with changes to the system, process and policy, the HRIS Guardian will take an overview of all such matters for the unit.
  7. Acting as an escalation point for users within the department and as the principal contact point for the HRIS Programme and HRIS Support Centre.
  8. Allocating an implementation lead for each stage of HRIS rollout.

Due to the nature of the responsibilities associated with this role, it is expected that the HRIS Guardian will be a senior member of the administration of the organisational unit, such as a Departmental Administrator, head of a central section, Divisional Secretary or someone nominated by them to take on the role.

In such cases an email from either the Guardian or their Head of Department should be sent to notifying them of the departure.

When the role of HRIS Guardian is to be taken on by someone new, the Head of Department must authorise this change via the HRIS Guardian form.



HRIS Guardians   (PDF)

HRIS Guardians form (XLS)