July 2021 bulletin

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Automatic increments are due to be paid for Support and technical staff from 1 August. Please read the following to ensure that the correct rate of pay is taken forward.

How the process works

The day before the increment is due, a new salary record is created automatically. This salary change does not need to be authorised - it will take effect the next day unless it is overridden. After the increment has been applied the system will set the next increment due date for one year’s time unless the bar point has been reached. For the 1 August process, the new row in the appointment record will become visible to users on 31 July.

Action required

1. Undertake a data checking exercise of all records to ensure that the increment date is populated where required.

The ‘Increment Due Date’ report will help you to identify any staff with no increment due date, records where the ‘increment on hold’ flag has been ticked which will prevent the increment from happening, or those without a future increment date. You will need to check if any of these records are incorrect and amend/update them if required. See How-To Guide: Change the increment due date

Note that in order for an employee to be eligible for an increment on 1 August 2021 they must have been in their current role since at least 1 May 2021.

2. Ensure the correct salary is approved prior to the increment date.

The system will add one increment (where applicable) to the current approved salary on the day the job runs.  It is essential therefore, that you ensure that employees due an increment on 1 August have the correct salary approved as at 23:59 on 30 July. You should also ensure that any future dated salary lines with an effective date after 1 August 2021 have been set at the scale point the employee would be on following the automatic increment. You can use the ‘Staff in Post’ report  to check current salary data, and the ‘Monthly Personnel Changes’ report to check for any future dated salary changes, and to check the approval status for salary requests.

 If you have any questions about this, please contact the HR Systems Support team.

Some system users have noticed data missing from the RTW UDF and/or RTW errors in the HRINFO reports. This follows the RTW data migration required to support recent RTW changes.

If you find data missing from the UDF, please note:

  1. Only RTW details of active records were migrated. Please see the People Management section of the Common queries web page for further information.
  2. RTW records with a date in the 'To Date' field were excluded to ensure only active UDFs were migrated. 

* Please note a 'To Date' should only be entered to end a current UDF when adding details about a new RTW check. Where current records had a future date entered in this field, these would not have been migrated. Please see the scenario factsheet for further details on completing the UDF. 

HR Systems are working to resolve this issue. In the meantime, you can manually enter the RTW details in the new UDF, but please do not enter an end date.

If you find errors in the HRINFO report, please note:

  1. 'RTW undertaken by' is now a mandatory field.  If this is blank, an error will be created in the HRINFO report. 

HR Systems are working to resolve this issue. In the meantime, please enter ‘Not specified’ for any record you find that has the 'RTW undertaken by' field blank.

The Policy team has a vacancy at the moment, and so the setting up of posts which do not need evaluation, may take a little longer than expected.  

Staff requests are being passed to role analysts, to set up and authorise posts. When a staff request asks for a number of additional posts, please note these cannot be set up until the original staff request has been authorised and it is a separate process. We aim to action these as swiftly as possible, but please excuse any delay. We hope to fill the vacancy sometime in August and it may well be September before the new post holder settles in.

Please check our Known Issues and Common Queries web pages regularly to stay up-to-date with the latest issues, fixes and tips!

Projects update

We are delighted to confirm that the first three pilot groups are now live and using HR Self-Service for managing leave and timesheets! These include:

  • University HR (UAS);
  • Big Data Institute (NDM); and
  • Ludwig Cancer Research (NDM)

Classics and Physics will adopt elements of this functionality at the start of the new academic year.

Resources to support these pilot groups in managing leave and sickness, and timesheets are now available on the Staff Gateway. These include demonstration videos and Frequently Asked Questions which may also be of interest to departments looking to adopt this functionality in the future.

HR Systems is currently working on plans for the next project to bring more departments on board. Work is expected to begin in Michaelmas term. In the meantime, please direct queries to coretime@admin.ox.ac.uk.

Update from the HR Analytics Team

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Please continue to enter furlough start and end dates and the Appt: Part-time Furlough Weekly Hours UDF data by following the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS or ‘furlough’): system guidance in the same month in which the change occurs, and as early as practicable in the month.

Any claim for a month must be with HMRC within two weeks of the following month. Once you have entered your data, central staff need time to check for accuracy, work with you to resolve errors, and then process that information in order to make the HMRC claim on time. Any records entered after the deadline will not be able to be claimed from HMRC resulting in lost income for the University.

The HR Analytics team would like to thank system users who have been accurately inputting furlough changes in a timely fashion.

Report name Action required Required for

HRINFO01- 2020-21 Staff Validation

in conjunction with

HRINFO01 Data Validation – Quals & subjects 2020-21

Clear validation errors for all employee appointments active for any period of time from 1 August 2020.

The HR Analytics Team will follow up all instances of missing or incorrect NHS Contract Details UDF and Clinical Specialties UDF, so please avoid being contacted by clearing them before the deadline. These are required for the Medical Schools Council Survey and HESA.

HRINFO01 data quality validation report web page gives additional details about the report.
Additional guidance on clearing errors whilst working remotely during these challenging circumstances is provided on the clearing errors web page.

Medical Schools Council Survey
Athena Swan
Financial year end reporting
HRINFO20_Casual Worker Data Quality Validation 2020-21

Clear validation errors for all casual worker and casual teaching appointments active for any period of time from 1 August 2020 in a timely manner.

HRINFO20 Casual worker data quality validation report gives additional details about the report.

Please note that the error messages relating to FTE Hours can be ignored.


For guidance on making the indicated changes to clear the data anomalies highlighted red and amber in the report please refer to data quality in the first instance.

If you need assistance making data changes or running any of the above reports contact HR Systems Support.

Contact the HR Analytics team on hris.dataquality@admin.ox.ac.uk if you have any queries relating to these reports; give the Person Reference number, (and appointment ID if the individual is on more than one contract.

Throughout August and September the HR Analytics team will again be sending out staffing information for verification as part of this year’s HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) staff return. This may involve queries relating to missing data or confirmation of contractual funding sources, as applicable. Please respond quickly to any queries received. We will, as ever, try to keep these to a minimum.

1. Ensure all Academic Titles are recorded in PeopleXD

We advise that you run the PERDEP22_Academic Title report to identify missing/incorrect information in the Academic Title UDF records. Ensure that those who hold the title of Titular Professor awarded via the Senior Appointments Panel or through Recognition of Distinction exercises have a correct Academic Title UDF set up for them. The Titular Professor title is a key marker used to map contracts to the correct Professorial grouping in the Athena SWAN dataset.

Even if the team responsible for data entry given in the matrix in the scenario_factsheet_-_set_up_and_manage_academic_titles.pdf is not the ‘Departmental or Divisional PeopleXD administrator', the department or division should instruct and follow up with the relevant team if academic title information is missing or incorrect.

2. Review your staff data

Firstly clear all data errors in the data quality reports listed above. Then run the report ‘HRINFO02_AthenaSWAN Potential Staff Data’ readiness report, which is available for another month. The report allows departments to review their Athena SWAN data and make corrections before the extract is taken for the 2021 Tableau data refresh.

New/updated documents and reports

We are continually making updates and improvements to our guidance materials. Please always access guidance directly from our website, to ensure you have the most up to date version.

The following guides have recently been updated:

Right to Work Scenario Factsheet - updated to reflect the changes to the Right to Work checks introduced from 1 July 2021. If you have any questions about these changes or Right to Work matters, please contact James Baker, Head of Staff Immigration.

How-To Guide- Manage applicant details – updated to include the two different routes to access applicant details, and where to update the contact information. 

How-To Guide - Prepare a vacancy for advertising - Vacancy Profile section updated following a change to the ‘percentage remaining’ displayed for the job advert text.  

Scenario Factsheet – Regrades – updated to explain that any backdated monies owed should be communicated via the Comments field when setting up the Salary, not the appointment.

The PERDEP01 Full Data Set report had been returning the correct number of employees (all active staff), but not always the correct number of appointments per employee. This issue has been fixed, and the report now displays all active appointments.

This month's deadlines

Please refer to the August 2021 payroll cycle diagram.

Guidance on the University’s pay periods and payroll cycles is available here.

Supplementary payroll deadline Any changes which affect payroll but do not require payroll action/ approval, must be entered and approved within the department by this date in order to be included in the payroll run.
No user input Users cannot enter data into the Personnel module/People Management in the Portal or use menu options under 'Core|Personnel>Maintenance'.
Staff request deadline For staff requests which do not require grading, any requests received by this deadline will be processed by the payroll deadline. Staff Requests received after this deadline are not guaranteed to be processed by the standard payroll deadline. The usual turnaround timings for gradings apply (ten working days).
Casual payments deadline  Details of casual payments must be received by this deadline in order to be included in this month's payroll run.
HRIS Data Services users only: Data Services admin deadline Data Services payroll forms should be submitted to the HRIS Data Services team by this deadline. This is to ensure sufficient time for the team to process them for the payroll deadline and resolve any queries.
Support requests Requests for assistance associated with actions for this month's payroll deadline should be received by HR Systems Support by this date. This is to ensure that sufficient time is available for the team to address your queries.
Payroll deadline All changes which require payroll action/approval must be entered and approved within the department by this deadline in order to be included in this month's payroll run.