Navigation, read-only and running reports

Quick reference guides

Document title Version Date added
NAV1 Accessing and Navigating CoreHR (PDF) v26 v1.1 19 Feb 2020
NAV2 Setting up Outlook Rules for Notifications (PDF) v20 v1.0 23 Oct 2015
NAV3 Creating or amending departmental letterheads (PDF) v20 v1.0  17 Aug 2018
ROb – Read only access to e–Recruitment (PDF) v20 v1.0 18 Nov 2016
RO Read only access to Personnel (PDF) v20 v1.2 5 Oct 2018
IP4 Running Reports (PDF) v26 v1.0 24 May 2019
CH29 Using PDF Converter to Enhance Documents (PDF) v20 v1.0 16 Jun 2016

Other documents

Document title Version Date added
Glossary of Core Personnel Terms (PDF) v20 v1.0 24 Oct 2015


Online learning modules

Module Version Date added
Running Reports (Read only) v1.0 1 Nov 2012