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Quick reference guides

Document title Version Date added
PANS0 Pre Arrival and New Starter Guide (PDF) v20 v1.11 19 Feb 2020
PA2c Appointing Variable Hours Employees (PDF) v20 v1.3 5 Oct 2018
PA2d Appointing a Rehire (PDF)   v20 v1.7 16 Aug 2019
PA2e Transfers Between Departments (PDF) v20 v1.7 18 Nov 2019
PA2g Direct Appoint (PDF) v20 v1.5 7 Jul 2020
PA2h Setting up a Non-Employee (inc Agency) (PDF) v20 v1.3 3 Jul 2019
PA2i Managing Offscale Posts (PDF) v20 v1.0 22 Oct 2015
PA2k Marie Curie Students (PDF)  v20 v1.2 5 Oct 2018
PA2m Setting up a Non-Employee (Titular AP) (PDF) v20 v1.1 5 Oct 2018
PA2n Appoint Nuffield Medical Fellow (PDF) v20 v1.1 17 Feb 2017
PA2p Marie Curie Fellows and Researchers (PDF) v20 v1.1 18 Nov 2016
PA2q Setting up a Non-Employee (e.g.Vistor) (PDF) v20 v1.2 5 Oct 2018
PA2r Managing Personal Service Company appointments (PDF) v20 v1.2 5 Oct 2018 
PA4 Managing Term Time Only Appointments (PDF) v20 v1.0 22 Oct 2015
PA5 Working Overseas (PDF) v20 v1.1 15 Apr 2016
PA10 Maintaining Right to Work Data (PDF) v20 v1.0 22 Oct 2015
PA11 Managing Casual Worker Records (PDF) v20 v1.11 18 Aug 2020
PA12 Completing the payment submission spreadsheet for casuals (PDF) v20 v1.3 6 Jan 2020
CH21 Managing Underfills (PDF) v20 v1.1 15 Apr 2016
IP1 Recording Induction (PDF) v20 v1.0 22 Oct 2015
IP2 Managing Probation (PDF) v20 v1.0 22 Oct 2015
IP3 Managing IPO (PDF) v20 v1.0 22 Oct 2015
FD6 Additional Directory Information (PDF) v20 v1.0 22 Oct 2015
Capturing online payslips data (PDF) v26 v1.0 29 June 2020


Other documents

Document title Version Date added
New Starter Checklist (PDF) v20 v1.2 29 Jun 2020
Transfer Checklist (PDF) v20 v1.1 5 Oct 2018
Casual appointment decision tree (PDF) v20 v1.0  18 Nov 2016
Appointment Decision Tree (PDF)   15 Jun 2012
FTE and Multiplier Calculator (XLS) v2.1 15 Feb 2019
University Card Form (DOC)   29 May 2018
People Profiles Matrix (PDF) v20 v1.7 19 Sep 2019
What Needs Salary Approval? (PDF) v20 v1.0 23 Oct 2015
Recording Cost Allocations in CoreHR (PDF) v26 v1.0 24 May 2019
Staff Classification Guide (PDF) v20 v1.2 18 Nov 2019
Clinical HESA fields matrix (PDF) v1.0 15 Sep 2014
Recording Start and End Dates in CoreHR (PDF) v20 v1.1 17 Aug 2018
Recording New Starters in CoreHR (PDF) v1.0 23 Oct 2015
New Starter Data Collection Form - Non Core Version (DOC) v2.4 29 Jun 2020
Casual worker new starter data collection form (DOC)  v1.3 17 Jul 2019
Staff Starter form    
Casual Payment Spreadsheet Online Guide   21 Mar 2017
Casual Payment Submission Spreadsheet (XLS)   11 Aug 2020
Casual payment spreadsheet - tips for completion (DOC)   24 Oct 2019