Project Governance

Project Board

The CoreHR Upgrade project is governed by a Project Board, which is ultimately accountable for the project's success. The Project Board provides the strategic direction to the project and the Project Manager, and acts as a decision-making body. 

Membership of the board is as follows:

Name Job Title Department
Julian Duxfield Director of HR and Project Sponsor Human Resources, UAS
Charles Morgan Head of Payroll Finance Division, UAS
Jenny Lister Head of HR Systems Human Resources, UAS
Louise Carson Programme Manager IT Services, UAS
Mandy Zaccheo HR Systems Business Change Manager Human Resources, UAS
Mike Fraser Director of Infrastructure Services IT Services, UAS
Phil Taylor Head of Recruitment Human Resources, UAS
Sophie Gibbons Head of Administration and Finance Social Policy and Intervention, Social Sciences

Product Ownership Groups (POGs)

A key objective of the CoreHR Upgrade project is to facilitate a Software as a Service (SaaS) model for the management of its HR Information System (HRIS). This means that the supplier, CoreHR, host our data and manage all technical infrastructure required to run the CoreHR software. One of the key benefits of this model is the ability to upgrade quickly and frequently, staying up-to-date with the latest software developments available to us.

On completion of this project, all future SaaS upgrades will be managed as part of 'business as usual' activity, rather than a dedicated project team. Major system upgrades will be rolled out on a fixed schedule determined by CoreHR, with approximately one month for the University to evaluate changes and analyse impact. Undertaking this work effectively and with speed will therefore be essential. POGs have been established to support this process as well as to foster early engagement and greater involvement from the CoreHR user community.

POGs are small teams of experts from specific 'business' areas across the University, with focus on relevant processes within CoreHR. They are designed to operate with extreme efficiency, to quickly assess change impact and make the best possible decisions in the limited time available. They will also champion change and support rollout activities, working in a highly flexible and agile manner. Implementation of the POGs is an innovative approach for the University driven by the fact that we are the first major business service to move its enterprise system to the SaaS model.

POGs include representatives from every division. For membership, or to read more about the remit/focus of each POG, click on the relevant link below: