Requesting a system enhancement

 To submit your suggestion or request, please follow the steps set out below. 

STEP - 1

User is interested in submitting an enhancement request and checks the latest version of the enhancement request log HRIS Enhancements Log - August 2014 (XLS)

STEP - 2

User sends request to the HRIS Support Centre where an incident is logged and the requestor receives email confirmation of receipt.


STEP - 3

Following initial review within the Support Centre, the request is logged to the enhancement request log. (System issues, bug fixes and reporting requests are removed at this stage to be progressed via normal support, known issue or reporting review group procedures as appropriate.) Requestor updated and the incident closed.


STEP - 4

Monthly review of requests and allocation of priority by HR Systems Evaluation Group.

STEP - 5

Enhancement log updated and published showing outcome of HRSEG review.

STEP - 6

Standing agenda item for the User Group is to review the decisions of HRSEG for new enhancement requests.

*The HR Systems Evaluation Group (HRSEG) is a meeting of representatives from central teams such as Payroll, Pensions, HR Systems (HRIS Support Centre, Reward & HR Information teams), HR Policy and Research Services, to consider common areas of interest such as planning pay uplifts, HR policy changes, new HESA requirements.

HRIS Enhancements Log - August 2014 (XLS)

HRIS Enhancement Request Form (DOC)

Known Issues