Reward POG

The Reward POG (Product Ownership Group) will help to make decisions about changes related to reward processes and functionality in CoreHR. This may include the following system areas/features:

  • Staff Requests
  • Setting up new posts/appointments
  • Pay-related system processes
  • UDFs; eg Reward recognition schemes

Reward POG membership

Name Job title Department
Sarah Kilgour

Head of Reward 

(POG Business Sponsor)

Human Resources, UAS

Gwen Booth

Academic HR Officer MPLS Divisional Office
Meghan Lawson Divisional Academic HR Manager Social Sciences Division
Elena McPhilbin Head of Human Resources NDM, Medical Sciences
Liz Mitchell Head of HR Analytics Human Resources, UAS
Rachel Srawley Human Resources Human Resources, UAS
Tracy Roberts Payroll and Systems Administrator Payroll, UAS