Data Quality and Assurance

This project aims to improve the quality of staff data held within PeopleXD. Working with departments, the project team will investigate, correct and complete missing data and put in place measures to prevent future deterioration. This vital work will reduce the extensive manual effort required to achieve statutory reporting, funding bids, and meet legislative requirements.

  • Identify and correct invalid or missing critical data (eg continuous service dates);
  • Improve business processes to support high quality data capture (eg EJRA and leavers processes);
  • Simplify PeopleXD data fields (or set to mandatory) to avoid conflicting or missing data;
  • Increase data collection compliance by providing departments with access to required fields (eg nationality);
  • Revise the training and guidance for staff on completing data quality actions;
  • Strengthen awareness and understanding across the user community, of the benefits of data quality;
  • Progress HR data definition work in line with the Data Governance Framework.
  • Improved capability to achieve Athena SWAN accreditation,  and reduce costs associated with processing applications (estimated at £4m);
  • Faster provision of robust, trusted data to inform decision-making, essential for the University's Covid-19 financial recovery;
  • Increased assurance of successful outcomes in tribunals;
  • Faster turnaround time for complex FOI data requests, reducing risk of financial pay-out and reputational damage;
  • Greater understanding and capability amongst the user community in maintaining data quality, reducing reliance on the HR Systems team;
  • Enable staff to complete more rewarding, value-added activities, with greater capacity to meet service demands;
  • Increased capability to report on and take action in respect of staff equality and diversity in line with University People Strategy.

If you have questions or would like to discuss how you can be involved, please contact the HR Analytics team at