Academic subjects taught and/or researched

What staff types require this information against their record?

Staff with a PeopleXD fixed-hours appointment with a Sub Category code in the following list will require at least one Academic Discipline subject:

  • ‘AC Academic (teaching and research)’,
  • ‘AP Research Staff’,
  • ‘AR Research Fellow’,
  • ‘AT Teaching Support’

See Staff Classification Guide for additional guidance.

What is this data entry capturing?

This records the academic discipline(s) being taught and/or researched by the member of staff. Staff may research a different subject/s to those taught.

Data is requested from the member of staff via the Onboarding online form.

To help you choose the most appropriate Discipline we have prepared a list of  HESA academic taught/researched subjects  

This information is returned to HESA and full details of the HESA requirements can be found on the  HESA staff return webpage.


Scenario factsheet - New starter UDFs

HESA academic taught/researched subjects

Examples of correctly coded records

Using the drop-down arrow, select at least ONE academic discipline for each record. The option exists to add more.

You can also search by typing in the area to the left of the down-arrow. E.g. type ‘climate’ to view options ‘Climate change’, ‘Climate Science’

Use of the 'Comments' field

If you are unable to match the subject provided to any of the Academic Discipline descriptions listed, write the subject in one of the comments boxes provided in the UDF. This should be a last resort because the HR Analytics Team will then have to decide how to map the subject provided for the HESA return and may need to query this with you.

Need help or advice?

We are more than happy to advise you on how to input the ‘academic subjects taught and /or researched’ so please contact us if you have any questions or comments by emailing us at