NHS contract details and clinical specialties

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The two UDFs "Appt NHS Contract Details" and "Appt: Clinical Sub Specialties" work together to identify if the employee requires an NHS contract for their role with the University and have direct patient contact, the type of contract, grade, regulatory body and their clinical specialties.

In essence there are four main types of employees that will have NHS contracts for their roles with the University: doctors, nurses and midwives, allied health professionals and other clinical academics.

This information is needed for the HESA Staff Return in September each year and also for the Medical Schools Council Survey in July each year.

This information is returned to HESA and full details of the HESA requirements can be found on the HESA 2019/20 staff record.

All departments mapped to the following HEFCE cost centres on the PRAS University organisation chart:

  • 101 Clinical medicine
  • 104 Psychology & behavioural sciences
  • 106 Anatomy & physiology
  • 107 Pharmacy & Pharmacology
  • 112 Biosciences
  • 127 Anthropology & development studies

Staff with a staff classification of category: 1 Teaching only, 2 Research only or 3 Teaching and research. See Staff Classification Guide

When NHS Contract Details is coded as “2 Separate HEI & NHS contracts” then the FTE of the appointment must be less than 1.

Some individuals have separate paid contracts with both the University of Oxford and an NHS employer (often called A+B contracts). These contracts should be coded “2 Separate higher education provider and NHS contracts”. Therefore, they are part-time contracts with the University.

  • The two separate contracts together constitute employment in a single job agreed by two employers
  • Individuals coded as “2 Separate HEI & NHS contracts” in PeopleXD therefore cannot be full-time with an FTE of 1 in PeopleXD

Worked examples of how to fill the NHS Contract Details and Clinical Specialties UDFs are given in the NHS contract and clinical specialties guide 2018

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