HRINFO01 Data quality validation report

Appointments checked

  • Employee appointments (not casual teaching nor casual worker i.e. Core Employee Status is Atypical)
  • Appointment active in the academic year i.e. 1 August to the following 31 July

Data items checked

  • Staff classifications Category and Sub-category
  • Staff classifications related to some job titles
  • Employee Status
  • Target End Dates
  • Job text / job title (missing data, Departmental Lecturers)
  • Previous HEI Employment
  • Immediately Previous Employment (but note this code is buggy!)
  • NHS Contract Details UDF
  • Clinical Specialties UDF
  • Right to Work UDF

 Where do these data rules come from?

  • Quick reference guides on Using HRIS site
  • HESA - we interpret the HESA rules for you here
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