HRINFO01 Data quality validation report

Additional guidance on clearing errors from your HRINFO01 Data Quality Validation report whilst working remotely during these challenging circumstances is given here, for each error message in the report.

Appointments checked

  • Employee appointments (not casual teaching nor casual worker i.e. Core Employee Status is Atypical)
  • Appointment active in the academic year i.e. 1 August to the following 31 July

Data items checked

  • Staff classifications Category and Sub-category
  • Staff classifications related to some job titles
  • Employee Status
  • Target End Dates
  • Job text / job title (missing data, Departmental Lecturers)
  • Previous HEI Employment
  • Immediately Previous Employment (but note this code is buggy!)
  • NHS Contract Details UDF
  • Clinical Specialties UDF
  • Right to Work UDF

 Where do these data rules come from?

  • Quick reference guides on Using HRIS site
  • HESA - we interpret the HESA rules for you here