Using Tableau

Tableau has an intuitive interface that is easy to interact with. Users can interact with the data dashboards, export data tables and print data packs. Tableau is used by a number of functions at the University including Research Services, Student Data Management and Analysis, Purchasing, Finance, and HR Analytics.

We use Tableau to enable the viewing and export of data to support Athena SWAN applications.

We have also recently started to use Tableau to share high-level, anonymised HR data, such as University-wide recruitment and turnover data, with users of PeopleXD and other interested stakeholders where appropriate.

Our Athena SWAN Tableau Manual (PDF) describes how to use the Tableau interface to view and export Athena SWAN data.

Our Tableau Server How-To Guide supports you in accessing, navigating, viewing and exporting data.

Data security

The data that you can view/export from Tableau contains data items that identify individuals and it therefore requires a high level of data security protection.

If you chose to access or export the Athena Swan staff or recruitment datasets it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR; 2018) by:

  • Reading and following the University’s Information Security Policy and guidance around data processing, data storage and reporting data breaches: 
  • Reading and following the University’s guidance on GDPR:
  • Saving all data to a secure network location.
  • Encrypting data files using 7-zip if you are sending data files by email.
  • Informing the HR Analytics Team when you no longer require access to the data.