Staffing figures

Staffing figures represent a snapshot of staff in post on the 31st July each year as well as leavers in the year to 31st July. The data snapshot is validated to ensure accuracy and consistency between years.

The total number of staff across the University was 13,977 on 31 July 2018.


  31 July 2018
 Headcount  13,977
 Full time equivalent  12,746.3

Source: CoreHR

All tables and figures for 2017/18 are provided in one pdf booklet to download in the section on the right hand side.

If you require staffing data for previous years please contact us.

Please note: Since 2007 the staff groups presented in these reports have been based primarily on the University's staff classification system. All figures presented show the position as at 31 July 2018 unless otherwise stated.

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