Maintaining correct cost allocations

Cost allocations of non-casual appointments can easily be managed using the group of reports belonging to PERDEP10_Cost Allocation (Funding) End Dates

Details of paginated reports in this folder:

Report Description

Cost Allocation due to end

Shows cost allocations due to end during specified period where there are no further/subsequent allocations set up.

Costing Never Assigned to the Appointment

Identifies records where the cost allocation has never been set up. (Every non-casual appointment should have a cost allocation assigned)

No Current Cost Allocation

Identifies records where the most recent cost allocation has an end date in the past.


Cost allocations are used for the HESA Staff Return, REF2021 and also impact the Payroll Costing Report. Therefore the HR Analytics team recommends that you run the PERDEP10 report monthly and investigate the records accordingly. Please refer to Record and manage funding (cost allocations) for guidance.