Known issues

Please note that where workarounds are available, these are explained within the issue description, below.

We are working with our supplier to resolve these issues. Please check this page regularly for the latest updates. Should you require any system support relating to the issues below, please contact HRIS Support.

Issues in CoreHR and HR Reporting (last reviewed: 15 March)

Where an applicant applies for a subsequent vacancy and amends their diversity data, this latest information does not get updated in their applicant record. This may in some cases impact diversity reporting. This has been logged with our supplier.

When producing shortlisting packs or any recruitment document from CoreHR, occasionally not all applicants will be displayed when navigating to the ‘Generate Applications’ or ‘Generate document’ screens. This normally happens where the whole address was entered into the first line only on the application form.

To rectify this, identify the missing applicant record(s) and navigate to their record and then amend the address details so that each address line is entered into its corresponding field/line. See the Manage applicant details guide for navigation instructions.

There is currently an issue with generating shortlisting forms in the Back Office, whereby the data merge does not pick up all applicants.

We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please follow the below manual process as a workaround:

  1. Run the RECDEP41 Applicant and Vacancy Details report
  2. Copy and paste the relevant details into the new manual Excel version of shortlisting form, which was shared with all Recruitment users on 11 November 2020, along with some instructions on how to do this.

Some users may see an 'Access Denied' red error message when navigating to certain screens. Please ignore this and proceed - this will not impact your updates in the system. We are looking to resolve this as quickly as possible.

It is currently not possible to search for a vacancy using the vacancy ID in the Vacancies tab in ESS:

vacancy search ess

To search by vacancy ID, please navigate to 'ADVANCED' in the top right of that window and you'll be taken to the Recruitment portal.

This has been logged and is currently being investigated.

Summary: Some applicants may not be able to apply for a vacancy via e-Recruitment and instead submit an application in a different format, eg paper forms. It is currently not possible to add such applications to CoreHR in the Portal.

Latest update/workaround: Please continue to enter any off-system applications in the Back Office. We are hoping that this may be addressed in a future version of the system.

Description: The Continuous Service calculation is driven by set system rules, which look for eligible appointments when calculating the service duration. 

Continuous Service dates may appear incorrectly where the employee holds multiple appointments which are a mixture of eligible and non-eligible for continuous service, and a non-eligible appointment is set as the substantive appointment. In this scenario a break in service may be applied where the non-eligible appointment is set as substantive, meaning that the system will incorrectly apply a “Continuous Service End Date”.

In extreme cases this may appear as though the employee has a negative continuous service value, with the Continuous Start Date being later than the Continuous Service End Date.

Process: Personnel - Continuous Service

Latest update: Due to be fixed in a later minor release.

Workaround: In this circumstance the HRIS Support Centre may be able to provide a workaround within the substantive maintenance area of the system, which is not accessible to departments. Please contact the HRIS Support Centre to request that the continuous service for an employee be reviewed to assess whether a fix can be applied before taking any further action.

Description: Continuous Service data is not accurate for some historical records that were migrated from the University’s previous HR System, Opendoor.

Process: Person Profile Screen and Service Detail screen

Latest update: The HRIS Support Centre released a set of functionality in March 2018 around continuous service dates in CoreHR, in order to improve the quality of continuous service data. This implementation was successful and has resulted in greater accuracy of continuous service dates within the system, based on automation of the University’s continuous service eligibility rules.
See QRG IP13 Continuous Service (PDF) for further guidance. We are looking to facilitate a data cleansing exercise, in order to bring about the full benefit of these system changes.

'Search Address' field not working (Appointing wizard)

Following a minor update to the system, a new field has appeared in the Appointing wizard in People Management, titled 'Search Address'. Please do not use this field, and instead continue to populate the address details manually, and as per the latest how-to guides. This feature is currently not working as expected and can cause issues with the staff record. We have logged this with our supplier and hope to have it resolved soon.

search address scrn print


Issue with eRecruitment markdown

When using the UI to update the job description in a vacancy, the spacing in E-Recruitment would be different to what was saved. This was fixed in January 2021, and the spacing in eRecruitment will match wherever you saved it from.

Issue with adding cost allocations for employee not yet on payroll

There was an issue whereby if a user added a cost allocation to an employee record that did not exist on payroll, this cost allocation was then not visible within the cost allocation screen. This was fixed in January 2021 and all cost allocations added by users are visible, irrespective of whether the employee record exists within payroll or not.

Issue with applicant emails (View Applicants > Generate Email screen)

Previously, if you selected your applicants and the email template, then clicked 'Generate' (ie the emails screen then opens), then navigated back to the previous screen without sending the emails in order to make changes to the selected applicants and/or the email template, these changes would not get picked up when you would then click on 'Generate' again. This issue was fixed in December 2020 and the updates are now included, whenever you navigate between the emails screen and the selection screens to make changes. However, when reselecting the recipients, where 'SELECT ALL' was initially chosen, you must click on SELECT ALL again to deselect all, and then select the required applicants. 

Issues with reporting on UDF data

There was a problem with running reports that extracted date information from UDF (user defined fields) records. Users may have encountered the following error message when running a report:

'ORA-01843 Not a valid month'.

This was to do with the format of dates in UDFs. This affected a number of frequently-used reports, and we aimed to resolve this as soon as possible. If users urgently needed to run a report and encountered the above issue, they were requested to please email HRIS Support.

This was resolved in December.

Portal screen display ('Compact mode' view)

Since 28 October, users can set their portal view to 'compact mode'. The mode maximises the view of the screen by minimising the left-side menu and condensing all items into a smaller view. This might be particularly useful when on a smaller screen (such as a phone). 

The compact mode may be impacted by your device's display settings. To resolve this, we recommend you adjust your display settings; eg in Windows 10, try adjusting the 'Change size of text, apps and other items' and/or 'Display resolution':

screenshot 2020 10 28


This was resolved in November 2020.

Logging out of Back Office

Summary: When you click on the ‘yellow door’ to log out of the Back Office, you are presented with a ‘CoreProxy Application’ message with the option to click ‘Continue’. When this is clicked, you are taken back into the Back Office desktop screen.

Latest update/workaround: To exit the Back Office click on the ‘yellow door’ and do not click ‘Continue’ on the ‘CoreProxy’ message. Instead, close down the Back Office window by clicking on the red ‘x’ button in the top right-hand corner. To come out of CoreHR entirely, you will need to sign out of the portal (HR Self-Service). 

HR Password resetting (v28 go-live issue)

The issue of not being able to reset forgotten HR Reporting passwords has now been resolved. If you have forgotten your HR Reporting password, please contact HRIS Support.

Internal Jobs Board

Summary: Some internal applicants were unable to complete applications via the Internal Jobs Board, due to the Additional Questions not showing as complete.

Latest Update/Workaround: This has been fixed as part of the upgrade to version 28.

Uploading documents to Staff Requests

Summary: Some users had problems when trying to upload a document to a Staff Request.

Latest update/ workaround: This was resolved as part of the upgrade to version 28. It is working as expected - and main document file types are accepted.

Recording an offer against a 'standby' candidate

Summary: It is currently now possible to record a job offer against a standby applicant, where ‘Offer accepted – personnel’ has already been recorded against a preferred candidate. 

Latest update/workaround: This issue was resolved as part of the upgrade to version 28.

Creating letters (including shortlisting forms)

Summary: It is now possible to create any letter documents successfully in the Portal in Recruitment (from 12 October).

Latest update/workaround: Following the upgrade to v28 this has now been fixed, and will be available for use in the Portal from 12 October 2020. NB This is a separate issue to departments currently being unable to produce contract templates from CoreHR.

Vacancy filtering

Summary: When a user clicked through from the first page of a filtered list of vacancies to get to subsequent pages, the filter was removed and the list displayed all the live vacancies in the system.

Latest update/workaround: The filtering of vacancies now works, with the desired results being retained. This was fixed in August 2019.

Screen size

Summary: The screen size appeared smaller in v26 than v20 post go-live.

Latest update/workaround: This issue was fixed w/c 26 August. See September 2019 HRIS Bulletin.

Resetting passwords

Summary: When applicants tried to change their password, they initially saw a ‘Page Not Found’ error, which gave the impression that the password change had not worked. In fact, the password had been changed successfully. Applicants needed to close the error page, and navigate back to the applicant portal, and log in using the new password that they had just created. The system accepted this and allowed them to proceed.

Latest update/ workaround: This issue was fixed w/c 1 July. However, we are currently investigating a related minor issue that some applicants have reported.

UDF data in reports

Summary: UDF data was not returning accurately in Discoverer reports.

Latest update/workaround: This issue was fixed on Friday 14 June 2019.

Cost centre/ project codes

Summary: The list of codes available in CoreHR (from Oracle Financials) does not reflect any changes since Thursday 23 May. 

Latest update/ workaround: Whilst this issue was fixed on 11 June 2019, we are continuing to monitor it closely. Please ensure to update any records, as required.

Applicant registration via a vacancy

Summary: When applicants tried to register for an account, navigating from a vacancy within the portal, they saw a ‘Page Not Found’ error once they created a password, giving the impression that they had not successfully created a new account. In fact, the account had been created successfully.

Latest update/workaround: This was fixed on 5 June 2019.

Copying vacancy URL link

Summary: The vacancy URL link, extracted from Vacancy Maintenance > Vacancy Profile > Other Details, wasn’t working properly. This URL link is used to link to the vacancy job advert from other websites, such as the department’s own website.

Latest update/workaround: This was fixed on 4 June 2019.