Radioactive Materials Management

HR Systems (in partnership with IT Services and the Safety Office) is working to deliver an IT system to collect and manage information about the University’s use of radioactive materials. 

Owned by the Safety Office, the system will support the University in meeting statutory and operational reporting requirements. It will also ensure that real-time data on the holding of radioactive materials and their waste, is available both to the associated departments, and the Safety Office.


The project will:

  • Identify and implement a suitable IT system;
  • Integrate the new system with University training and health & safety systems (where possible);
  • Design and implement supporting processes;
  • Create training materials on the use of the system;
  • Review system reports and create new ones, where required; and
  • Decommission any unwanted systems and migrate data to the new one.


The project will deliver the following benefits:

  • Efficiency: Digitising and streamlining the current manual process will save time, administrative resources and consumables; 
  • Security: A secure online system will reduce the security risk associated with the storage, transportation and destruction of paper records;
  • Improved data management: Adoption of a shared online system enables access and control over real-time data; and
  • Compliance: Quality data can be processed faster, using automated reports, supporting the University in meeting regulatory requirements.

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