Reporting on staffing data

Internal data requests

We provide staffing data and analysis for University divisions, departments and teams where the information is not available from the Staffing Figures data. All data are provided within the bounds of the General Data Protection regulation (GDPR) and any data provided should be used in line with the University's information security policy.

If you are part of Personnel or the PRAC and need staffing information for internal strategic planning, please contact us by email to make a request.

Please note that if you are outside the University and making a Freedom of Information request, you must make this request via our Freedom of Information request pages, not via the HR Analytics team directly.

Data for external reporting

We provide the following data for external reporting:

Data quality

The accuracy and reliability of all reports is dependent on good quality data being input to the database.

The HR Analytics team and HRIS Data Services run regular data validation exercises. You can find out more on our data quality pages.

The HR Analytics team also provide additional guidance on how and what to enter into the HESA data collection fields in Core Personnel. The guidance on our website is provided in addition to, and in support of, the Quick Reference Guides that available on the 'Using HRIS' pages.