HESA Changes 2020-21

Changes to the HESA staff return mean that there are a number of updates to be implemented in People Management in the coming weeks. All of these items will be communicated in greater detail in the HR Systems Bulletin and HRA Newsletter. Guidance will be updated, as and when the changes are made. Please note that some changes may require you to revisit leaver records or files in order to obtain the information. 

Leavers processing

‘Destination on Leaving’ and ‘Location on leaving’ will both be updated to include an option called ‘Not available’. This option can be used when a leaver has been asked to provide information about their post-Oxford employment and geographical location, and no response has been received from the individual.  Further details can be found here.

Post-REF2021 information collection

‘Research Assistant’ and ‘Significant Responsibility for Research’ indicators have been collected and recorded in People Management as part of the REF 2021 exercise. As this exercise has now come to an end this information will instead be collected via standard PeopleXD data collection processes. Where information already exists this will be pre-populated for you, but some coding will be required for contracts new in the 20-21 year. Updates to follow via the HRIS Bulletin and the HRA newsletter.

New starter processing

Previous employment information is collected via the New Starter Data Collection Form. Where an individual indicates that their previous employer was a UK HEI (higher education institution) it is also necessary to record the name of that HEI. The list of UK HEI’s will be updated to ensure all institutions are listed and current HEI names are correct.

Academic Discipline taught and/or researched

The New Starter Data Collection Form enables new starters to indicate their teaching/research subjects. This information is currently recorded in the Qualifications section of People Management and will be moved to a UDF (user defined field). Full, revised guidance on how to allocate codes will be provided.