HR Reporting project

LATEST NEWS: ‘HR Reporting’ was launched on Wednesday 22 July 2020, replacing the now phased-out Oracle BI Discoverer tool.


Please note, that some reports are not yet available in the new reporting tool. If a report that you need appears to be missing, please contact the HRIS Support Centre.

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Like Discoverer, HR Reporting provides real-time reports, that can be exported into Excel. Users can run all the usual reports to which they currently have access. The new tool offers the following features:

  1. A modern user interface and improved navigation.
  2. Easier exporting of data to Excel (and improved report layout).
  3. The ability to store reports as ‘favourites’.
  4. Reports in Discoverer were produced in an Excel workbook format, with various versions of that report represented on each tab. In HR Reporting these 'tabs' are replaced by individual reports within a folder.
  5. A search feature to locate reports quickly and to search for text within the report/folder title.
  6. HR Reporting is browser-based, so you’ll no longer need Java.

HR Reporting is straightforward to use, so no training is required. Instead, a 'How-to Guide'  has been created to assist you with running reports.

HR Reporting is web-based and can be accessed via the ‘System availability and login’ page on the HRIS Support Centre website. Please note, that you must be connected to a University network, eg via VPN, and have an active CONNECT account (see below).

The recommended browsers are Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Chrome is not recommended, and it is likely that the tool won't work at all in Firefox.

IMPORTANT: Access permissions to HR Reporting are managed via a CONNECT network. All CoreHR users need to have a CONNECT account. The project team contacted all CoreHR users with details about this prior to go-live. If you have a query about this or are yet to 'activate' yourt CONNECT account, please contact the HRIS Support Centre.

The set-up of CONNECT accounts for HR Reporting for new users will be incorporated into the existing process for gaining access to CoreHR.