March 2023 bulletin

April payroll deadline – Wednesday 5 April

The main payroll deadline is on 5 April, to account for the Easter break. Details of upcoming Main and Casual payroll deadlines can be found on the Payroll website

All changes which require payroll action/approval must be entered and approved by the department by this date, in order to be included in this month’s payroll run. Late requests will not be processed. 

Monthly payroll dates are available from the This month's Payroll deadlines webpage.

News and updates

We are currently preparing for the annual tax year-end updates in PeopleXD. Each year this requires software to be tested and applied to the system to ensure that the University can fulfil its statutory payroll reporting obligations.

To achieve this, we need to schedule a period of system downtime as follows: 

Date Activity
Friday 24 March Standard ‘no user input’ period for People Management users.
17:00 System downtime begins. PeopleXD will be unavailable.
Monday 27 March System downtime continues for PeopleXD.
Tuesday 28 March

System downtime continues for PeopleXD.

We will let you know as soon as PeopleXD becomes available.


Any activity undertaken in the Portal will be impacted. HR Self-Service will therefore be unavailable during the full system downtime, which will be noted on the Staff Gateway page.

HR Reporting will still be available and Recruitment (the applicant interface) will remain live for the entire period so applicants will be unaffected by this work.

As always, we will aim to keep the duration of any downtime to an absolute minimum. 

HR Systems Support 

HR Systems Support will be closed from 17:00 on Wednesday 5 April until 08:30 on Tuesday 11 April 2022. PeopleXD will be available to users and applicants during this time.

Support for applicants

During the Easter closure period (as per the above dates), applicants will be able to continue to apply for jobs online, but technical support will be unavailable to them during this time. However, most applicant queries can be resolved by following the advice on the ‘How to apply’ and ‘Support with your online job application’ webpages. 

A message will be placed on the University’s Jobs webpages advising applicants of the Easter closure period affecting technical support during this time. 

Staff requests

Please note that University HR will also be closed during this period. Staff requests will not be processed from 12:00 noon on Wednesday 5 April until Tuesday 11 April.

The password policy for HR Reporting login accounts has been updated, to extend the password expiry length from 90 to 365 days. You will now only be required to change your password once a year, rather than every three months. Your password will automatically expire 12 months after the last reset. 

This change has been made following consultation with the Information Security Team, and it provides better consistency with passwords used for other University accounts/platforms. This only affects your HR Reporting password, used when running individual reports within the HR Reporting tool; it does not affect your SSO or CONNECT accounts.

If you need to reset your HR Reporting password, please continue to contact HR Systems Support. Please store passwords securely within a secure password management application. KeePass is available to CONNECT desktop/laptop users; other users should consult their local IT support staff.


Important and regular reminders

We have recently seen an increase in the number of duplicate records being created in the system. This requires considerable corrective work to be undertaken, with involvement from multiple central teams. A false duplicate record can impact the person’s pension and pay, result in incorrect employee history, and impact the University’s statutory reporting, such as HESA.

Please always check if the individual has ever had a record in the system by following the How-to guide, before setting up a new employee record in People Management.

As a reminder, follow these system steps when setting up a new starter or rehire:

1. Undertake a duplicate check, by searching on at least two of the following criteria: first name, surname and/or NI number. We recommend you always use the NI number where this is known.

2. You must search on each criterion separately - delete the previously entered search criteria, then enter the next one.

It has recently come to light that a number of casual records were retrospectively ended with an incorrect date, using dates that were completely misaligned with when the individual was paid. This has had a negative impact on the HESA return and payroll processes and has created issues with our audit process/trail.

We have updated the guidance in the Scenario factsheet for Casual workers, teachers and examiners to make it clearer which date should be used.

In summary, when ending casual appointments retrospectively please follow this guidance:

  • run the PAYDEP02 Historical Pay Costing report to check when the staff member was last paid; 
  • use a leaving date that is within the financial year (ie 1 August – 31 July) within which they were paid. For example, if their last payment date was in July 2022, their leaving date must be between 1 August 2021 and 31 July 2022. 
  • do not process any appointments with a leaving date that is more than five tax years in the past, from the start of the current tax year (ie 6 April). If unsure, please check with your Payroll officer. 

Many thanks to those departments that have cleared data quality errors recently.  We encourage you to continue to run the reports monthly to keep errors at a manageable level (HRINFO01, HRINFO20 and HRINFO21).

Target End Date errors – clear by Thursday 20th April 2023
•    HRINFO01 = 149 (as at 6 March 2023)
•    HRINFO20 = 4,534 (as at 13 March 2023)

Please continue to clear target end date errors from HRINFO01 and HRINFO20 reports to ensure accurate reporting of employees on fixed term contracts by following Data Quality Clearing Errors.

Target End Date should only be used to record the end of a fixed-term contract (not permanent or open-ended); planned return from any form of leave should be recorded off system. 

Each month it is recommended that you run the reports within the PERDEP02 FTC End Dates folder.

For active appointments refer to Track changes and correct records  (Section 4. Making corrections to appointments (including casuals) – page 9).

For ended appointments send details to (Include Person Reference, Appointment ID and details of the correction).

For data quality help email the HR Analytics team at

Recording the number of hours worked for all casual workers enables us to calculate figures for annual mandatory gender pay gap reporting, which is a legal requirement for the University. 

It is crucial that all departments continue to record hours worked and payments accurately by one of the following ways:

  • Input to the payment submission spreadsheet available to download from the Casual Payment Process webpage
  • Follow the guidance on the Timesheets and holiday claims page if you are participating in the pilot to manage timesheets in HR Self-Service.
  • Follow the process outlined on the Data Service SharePoint site if your department uses the Data Service. 

The supplementary payroll deadline is the absolute deadline to input late leavers, bank account changes and cost centres. It is not a second deadline for salary changes that were missed earlier in the month. Those must wait until the following month.

Every month the Payroll Team is having to chase up missing bank details for new starters, particularly for Casual Workers. Every new starter must have a bank account entered on their record in order to be paid. The University no longer produces cheques and has not done so for several years. 

Reward updates

The process for requesting multiple posts via staff requests has changed. This is to ensure that all posts created have an audit trail and to enable more accurate reporting. With immediate effect we are moving to a one post per staff request process and you will no longer be able to request multiple posts with one staff request. The PeopleXD guidance has been updated accordingly.

Updated documents


Document Update
Add and manage allowances Updated to include guidance for how to process split costed allowances.
Create and approve staff requests Updated following the change in process for requesting multiple posts via staff requests.



We have updated the following document templates, which are available to download from PeopleXD: 

Document Update

Contract amendment - additional increment

Contract amendment - change in hours 

Contract amendment - promotion to substantive grade

Contract amendment - additional duties

Contract amendment - change in normal place of work

Contract amendment - change in job title

Contract amendment - change in funding

Contract amendment - fixed-term contract extension

Updated to reflect the recent revisions to the EJRA
Congregation form This now matches the off-system version as found on the Governance and planning website.