PAYDEP02 Historical pay costing report

Why run this report? 

  • To look at pay costing data from previous months for an individual. 

When should you run this report? 

  • Run as and when required. 

Hints & tips 

  • Results: This report will allow you to see information for individuals with a primary or secondary post within a department to which you have access in CoreHR. You will not be able to use this report to view pay costing history for
    an individual funded by your department but with their primary or secondary post located in another department. Please ask the primary department or HRIS Support to run the report for you. 
  • This report will only show historic data, and will not show details for the current month. Current month payroll costing data is distributed centrally to named departmental contacts. 
  • As with the current data report, deductions are not included in the report. 
  • This report is not filtered by costing department and so provides different information to that provided in the payroll costing report. It provides information visible to users of the CoreHR personnel module and so unlike the payroll costing
    report, includes items paid to that individual funded by another department. 
  • Next Steps: If you require more detail on an individual’s pay than this report provides, please follow up the query with your departmental Payroll contact. 

Available parameters 


Parameter Mandatory? Notes

Personnel Number

Y Enter specific personnel number 
Payroll Period From Y Starting pay period* for the query. 
Payroll Period To  Y Ending pay period* for the query.


*This represents the combination of the tax year and the week in which the payroll is run (with week 01 being the week ending 1 April), for further guidance please refer to the Payroll Periods Archive. 

Details of tab


Tab 1 Employee details Employee, payroll and pension details, bypayroll period for the selected individual, including cost codes and values. 



IP4 Running Reports (PDF)