January 2024 bulletin

News and updates

Details of upcoming Main and Casual payroll deadlines can be found on the Payroll website.   

Visit the Payroll deadlines and cycles page to learn more about the monthly payroll cycle, including the key monthly payroll dates for People Management users. 

Visit the Payroll website

Apply the new ‘Unused Vacancy’ status in situations where created vacancies will never undergo recruitment. This includes these common scenarios: 

  1. Where multiple positions are advertised under one vacancy (and multiple staff requests were created), the unused vacancies should now have this status.  
  2. A staff request was created relating to a change to an employee's contractual terms.*  

*For direct appointments, the guidance remains the same, the vacancy status should be 'appointment made'. 

Refer to the updated recruitment status and events guidance.  

We’ve been working with our Whatfix supplier to enable Safari users to access Whatfix content from PeopleXD. Preliminary testing has taken place, and we’re looking for volunteers for additional testing. If interested, please contact Julie Hickman to volunteer:

Volunteer to test Whatfix

Note: Volunteers need to have staff request access in PeopleXD

  • PeopleXD Onboarding drop-in support sessions - until end of January 2024
  • HR Systems briefing - 10-11am, Thursday 25 January 2024
  • 'HESA special' briefing: demystifying data quality - 11am-12pm, Thursday 22 February 2024

Details of current, in-scope projects under the HR Systems Programme can be found on our dedicated webpage. This includes latest updates and timelines, where available.

Note: These pages are under development and are updated regularly.

HR Systems Programme projects


PeopleXD admin users: Please notify us when there is a change in PeopleXD access requirements, by completing the User Access Service Request form. This is especially important for internal transfers where the individual should no longer have access to PeopleXD data and processes in their new role. Read further details at: https://hrsystems.admin.ox.ac.uk/change-or-remove-system-access  

HR Self-Service: To ensure data integrity for managers and staff, please also remember to update the 'Work group' information for those transferring into new appointments (including those taking up new posts in their existing department). The correct Work group should be assigned by the department processing the new appointment in People Management.

Please explore the tabs below to see the essential reports that should be run monthly.

Queries relating to data quality reports should be addressed to the Data Quality mailbox.

Report name When to run Purpose
PERDEP02 FTC end dates  For casual worker records: prior to casual payroll deadline 
For FTC employees: prior to main payroll deadline
To ensure that FTC and casual appointments are ended in a timely manner and maintain accurate expected end dates
PERDEP20 Monthly personnel changes  Prior to main payroll deadline  To review data updates in PeopleXD are as expected for the month, and to monitor data updates made by staff in HR Self-Service. This report will return results based on the effective date of change.
PERDEP01 Home address and contact details  Prior to main payroll deadline  To check address updates and monitor SSO/HR Self-Service account creation/issues, to ensure compliance with timely access to payslips. Please remember to run this for casual staff too.
Onboarding: 'Completed checklist items'  Prior to supplementary payroll deadline - for NI number only  To extract NI numbers prior to the supplementary payroll deadline. All other data can be entered into PeopleXD outside of the Payroll deadlines. NB Bank details entered through Onboarding are automatically synced to the personnel record and will not appear in this report.


Report When to run Purpose Guidance/Further information
Onboarding: 'Completed checklist items' Prior to supplementary payroll deadline - for NI number only

Aside from the NI number, all other data in this report can be entered into PeopleXD outside of the Payroll deadlines. 

NB Bank details entered through Onboarding are automatically synched to the personnel record and will not appear in this report.

PERDEP41 Immigration and right to work At any point in the month  To manage visa/RtW processes, to comply with Home Office rules/immigration law. Please remember to also run this for casual workers.  
PERDEP10 Cost allocation (funding) end dates At any point in the month  To identify funding end dates/records with missing cost allocations.  
HRINFO01 Data quality validation At any point in the month  To maintain data quality and assist with HESA data submissions and other statutory reporting.

Clearing data quality errors

Staff classifications

HRINFO20 Casual worker data quality validation At any point in the month  To assist with HESA data submissions and other statutory reporting. Clearing data quality errors 
Staff classifications
PERDEP06 Agency workers At any point in the month  To comply with 12-week service rules   


Report When to run Purpose Guidance/Further information
RECDEP40 Vacancy details At any point in the month  To ensure vacancies are updates and closed in a timely manner   
HRINFO21 Vacancy and applicant data quality report At any point in the month  To maintain applicant status and vacancy management (useful for Athena Swan data)  Making changes to recruitment data 


To ensure an up-to-date recruitment dataset in Tableau (due to be refreshed next month) for Athena Swan applications, please run and clear errors in Steps 1 and 2 of the HRINFO21 report (2022/23 version) by 9 February 2024. 

Only vacancies appointed to, and with a complete applicant status history (ie Applied > Shortlisted > Offer Made or Offer Made – Personnel > Offer Accepted or Offer Accepted – Personnel) are included in this report. Filled vacancies with any missing applicant status history are excluded. 

Since October 2023, casual staff should access payslips via HR Self-Service, where possible. By default, casual staff are now set to 'online payslip' in the payroll module. Where your casual staff do not and will not gain HR Self-Service access, (because they do not have SSO/University email address), remember to record an online payslip exception in PeopleXD. This provides a clear instruction to Payroll to issue paper payslips.

We have a legal duty to provide payslips in a timely manner, and staff who do not have HR Self-Service accounts nor an exception for an online payslip will not receive their payslip. You can check who in your department has an HR Self-Service account by running the PERDEP01 Home address and contact details report (review the last column ‘ESS account?’).

NB You don't need to set up exceptions for casual staff engaged for a single pay period only, where their appointment is ended in the same period as their payment.



New and updated HR data dashboards

A dashboard showing real-time updates of grading requests is now available on the job evaluation web page. This was developed as an outcome of 2022’s Grading Service Review and delivered as a workstream of the digital transformation HR Data Availability project. 

This dashboard uses a ‘traffic light’ method to indicate the team’s capacity for grading, regrading and setting up new posts, along with estimated timeframes. ‘Green’ means readiness to accept new requests, ‘amber’ indicates resources are a little stretched, and ‘red’ signals a very busy period, with potential delays.  

By comparing actual delivery times to targets, the team can monitor its performance against service level agreements, improving transparency and communication with end-users. 

This dashboard supports the partnership model established post-service review, fostering a consistent and transparent approach to user services.  

The new Staff Diversity Overview dashboards in Tableau are now available to PeopleXD users. These dashboards visually display high-level staff diversity data at the University, with filters by Division, Grade Group, Staff Group, and Contract Type. ‘Completeness’ indicators display the percentage of staff declaring diversity data (including ‘prefer not to say’) over the past five academic years. Benchmarking data from the ONS Census 2021 comparator regions further enhances insights. The dashboards, refreshed annually, are exportable to Excel, PowerPoint or PDF. Future plans include releasing further dashboards with visibility of diversity data at departmental level, which will be on a ‘limited access’ basis. We're also actively addressing improvements to data completeness through a dedicated working group, and will keep you updated on the progress. 

For guidance on viewing and exporting data consult the Tableau How-To Guide.   

New PeopleXD Recruitment and People Management users will find access instructions for Tableau in the welcome email. 

The Resourcing Dashboards now display five full academic years of recruitment and turnover data, along with current year-to-date information, starting from the academic year 2018/19. 

Within the Diversity in Recruitment view (also displayed on the Recruitment Executive Summary), ‘shortlisted’ charts have been included to show the percentage of applicants of closed campaigns, where the vacancy status was ‘appointment made’ or ‘no appointment made’, and where the final applicant status indicates they reached the shortlisting stage.  

The recruitment report excludes individuals identified as having started but not submitted an application. This affects the ‘applied’ charts on the Diversity in Recruitment view only (which are also displayed on the Recruitment Executive Summary).