PeopleXD Onboarding overview


Introduced in November 2023, Onboarding is an online data collection form in HR Self-Service for new starters, rehires, and position changes (eg regrades, transfers). It ensures secure and trackable data collection, accessible through the 'Social Hub' dashboard, and applies to employees, casual and Temporary Staffing Service (TSS) workers.

Newly appointed staff are prompted to complete their details via 'Tasks' in HR Self-Service, within their first week of employment. 

Follow the appointing guides to ensure you're adhering to the correct new starter process.

new starter process summary

New starter process summary (text version) 

Key considerations for successful Onboarding:

  1. Create appointments in PeopleXD​ promptly, after confirming start dates, ideally, two to three weeks ahead.
  2. Request University cards after creating PeopleXD records, including the PeopleXD personnel number to ensure synchronisation of the SSO/University email with the PeopleXD record. This helps with the timely creation of HR Self-Service accounts.
  3. Determine the need for off-system new starter form:
    • Online applicants: typically* no need to send the New Starter Data Collection form
    • Casuals/direct appointments: send the shorter 'Onboarding new starter form' to enable basic record creation.
    • Exceptions: send the full New Starter Data Collection form to those who will not have access to HR Self-Service during their engagement/employment
  4. New HR Self-Service accounts are typically created within a week of somebody's start date.
  5. Advise staff to check their 'Junk' folder in case system-generated emails that are sent to staff with pending tasks every Sunday, have filtered there.


There is no change in HR Self-Service access setup/timing or functionality for existing staff. Current staff still cannot update their existing bank details themselves and must contact local HR for changes.


*New starters must provide their details by the supplementary payroll deadline for payment in their starting month. If they start part-way through the month, consider using the off-system new starter form for pay-critical information such as bank details, ensuring it's in the system in time for payroll. If delaying pay to the next month is acceptable, approve their pay in the subsequent payroll period. For example, if someone starts on 27 November whose pay will start from December, approve their pay in the December payroll inputting period.

  1. Create a basic personnel record*, before new starter begins appointment; follow the appointing guidance here.
  2. Select appointment 'reason' as either: 'New Starter – new to the University' OR 'New Starter (ex-employee)' (for rehires).
  3. 'Commence' the appointment in PeopleXD (once the appointing wizard is completed).
  4. Ensure that SSO has been created and check it has fed through to PeopleXD (use the PERDEP01 Home address and contact details report).

*Based on the applicant record from the University's recruitment portal. For direct/casual/agency appointments, send the 'Onboarding new starter form' once the offer is accepted. Once returned, set up staff record in People Management. The remaining data will be provided by the new starter via HR Self-Service.

Existing staff with new appointments* will be presented with the Onboarding checklist where one of the appointment reasons is:

  • New appointment (Transfer)
  • New additional appointment
  • Re-grading (Grade increase/decrease)
  • New contract

Staff will find this checklist upon their next HR Self-Service login. Automated email reminders, sent every Sunday, will prompt staff with outstanding tasks to complete the checklist.

*For existing staff, only Onboarding tasks not previously completed will appear. Those who have previously completed Onboarding tasks or had them marked as completed on their behalf won't be presented with any tasks, unless they move between certain roles, where role/department-specific tasks will be triggered, eg academic or clinical.

Some of the details completed in Onboarding will automatically sync to the People Management staff record. The remaining details must be manually extracted and entered by HR to ensure record completeness.

The items updated automatically on the personnel record are:

  • Home address
  • Emergency contact details
  • Previous UK university employment (does not apply to casual or TSS workers)
  • Academic discipline being taught and/or researched (does not apply to TSS workers)
  • Bank details
  • Diversity details

Items that need to be extracted and entered manually by the HR administrator (ie will not auto-flow into People Management):

All staff:

Role dependent:

Follow the updated appointing guides for guidance on how to run the report needed to extract this data.


Two reports are available to support Onboarding processes, accessed via Insight directly from within PeopleXD:

  1. PERINS01 Complete Onboarding checklist items (clinical and non-clinical versions) - used to only extract items that must be input manually by HR to ensure record completeness. Refer to the relevant appointing guide for guidance.
  2. PERINS02 Incomplete Onboarding items - used for monitoring outstanding tasks that staff are yet to complete. Refer to the relevant appointing guide for guidance.

Checking HR Self-Service setup

To check if an individual's SSO details are in PeopleXD and/or if their HR Self-Service account has been created, run the PERDEP01 Home Address and Contact Details report available in HR Reporting.


Visit our FAQs and further help page for Onboarding FAQs.