Manage a successful applicant - link planned appointment

2. Link planned appointment(s)

Underfilling of posts:

If you are appointing someone on a lower grade to the one on the original post (refer to HR policy on underfills), email the Reward Team to request a grade change on the planned appointment before linking the appointment to the vacancy. Once this has been confirmed (by email), proceed with the steps below.


Before recording offer details, link the appointment to the vacancy and update the vacancy status.

Navigation path: Recruitment > Vacancies > Search for your vacancy > Actions > Edit Vacancy 

  1. From Vacancy Details – 1, click ACTIONS in top right corner.
  2. Select Linked Appointments. The Linked Appointments screen will open.  
  3. Find the correct post by typing the post number into the Post field.
  4. Select the correct sequence number from the drop-down in the Sequence field. If you can't find your post, contact HR Systems Support.
  5. Click ADD.
  6. The post will be listed as linked. If the incorrect post is linked, remove it.  


  1. Return to the Vacancy Details -1 screen. 
  2. Select the drop-down under 'Status'. 
  3. Select 'Offer Made' status. 
  4. Click SAVE and exit the screen.

NB: Where you have advertised for multiple positions under one vacancy ensure you link all planned appointments to this vacancy by repeating the steps above.