May 2024 bulletin

News and updates

Details of upcoming Main and Casual payroll deadlines can be found on the Payroll website.   

Visit the Payroll deadlines and cycles page to learn more about the monthly payroll cycle, including the key monthly payroll dates for People Management users. 

Visit the Payroll website

In response to user feedback and our commitment to continuous improvement, we're excited to introduce a series of calendar reminders, to help you keep track of Payroll deadlines more easily. 

Please click the links below to download the invites as a calendar reminder for the upcoming payroll deadlines and ‘no user input’ days:

To add the invite to you calendar please click on the link above and follow the instructions below:

  1. Once opened in your browser click download
  2. Save the file
  3. Open downloaded file and click on ‘Yes’ to the Microsoft Outlook Security Notice
  4. A calendar invite will open – click ‘Save and Close’

We’ve received reports of some staff missing from the 'PERINS01 - Completed onboarding items' reports after completing their Onboarding checklists. We have escalated this issue to our supplier for further investigation.

To maintain data quality and completeness, we are developing a new version of the report to enable departments to extract the necessary data.  We hope to release the report in the next few weeks. If you have any concerns, please get in touch at

Rest assured; the data completed by staff is not impacted by this issue. Please continue to encourage staff to provide their new starter details via HR Self-Service.

We are pleased to announce, that following a short and successful pilot, we will be switching on the Organisational Chart functionality in PeopleXD for all users with the People Management administrator user role, week commencing 3 June 2024.

This tool provides a visual representation of the organisational structure, including vacant posts in PeopleXD, regardless of your access rights. Although the feature has some limitations, such as the absence of FTE data, departments that participated in the pilot welcomed its implementation. The pilot identified that the tool could aid in:

  • Housekeeping of vacant posts
  • Work group management (ie maintaining manager data)

New starters will soon be able to access the new Health & Safety eLearning package directly via a tile in Onboarding (Social Hub) in PeopleXD. 

Completion of this training is required by all staff, either as part of the University induction process or ongoing safety training. For more details, refer to Issue 8 of the Safety Network Newsletter.  

  • Organisation Chart functionality go-live - w/c 3 June 2024 (see item above)
  • HR Systems briefing – 27 June 10.00 – 11.00 (invite to follow)
  • HESA data quality check-in with departments - w/c 10 June (after Payroll deadline) 


The data for this year's Mandatory Gender Pay Gap report was extracted on 31 March 2024. As we delve into the analysis of this data, a number of anomalies have been identified related to FTE, hours and Employee sub status. To ensure accurate reporting, throughout June we will be contacting impacted departments for help with resolving these errors in our extracted dataset. All further details and instructions will be included in this communication.

For more information about the Gender Pay Gap reporting please visit

Please explore the tabs below to see the essential reports that should be run monthly.

Queries relating to data quality reports should be addressed to the Data Quality mailbox.

Report name When to run Purpose
PERDEP02 FTC end dates  For casual worker records: prior to casual payroll deadline 
For FTC employees: prior to main payroll deadline
To ensure that FTC and casual appointments are ended in a timely manner and maintain accurate expected end dates
PERDEP20 Monthly personnel changes  Prior to main payroll deadline  To review data updates in PeopleXD are as expected for the month, and to monitor data updates made by staff in HR Self-Service. This report will return results based on the effective date of change.
PERDEP01 Home address and contact details  Prior to main payroll deadline  To check address updates and monitor SSO/HR Self-Service account creation/issues, to ensure compliance with timely access to payslips. Please remember to run this for casual staff too.
Onboarding: 'Completed checklist items'  Prior to supplementary payroll deadline - for NI number only  To extract NI numbers prior to the supplementary payroll deadline. All other data can be entered into PeopleXD outside of the Payroll deadlines. NB Bank details entered through Onboarding are automatically synced to the personnel record and will not appear in this report.


Report When to run Purpose Guidance/Further information
Onboarding: 'Completed checklist items' Prior to supplementary payroll deadline - for NI number only

Aside from the NI number, all other data in this report can be entered into PeopleXD outside of the Payroll deadlines. 

NB Bank details entered through Onboarding are automatically synched to the personnel record and will not appear in this report.

PERDEP41 Immigration and right to work At any point in the month  To manage visa/RtW processes, to comply with Home Office rules/immigration law. Please remember to also run this for casual workers.  
PERDEP10 Cost allocation (funding) end dates At any point in the month  To identify funding end dates/records with missing cost allocations.  
HRINFO01 Data quality validation At any point in the month  To maintain data quality and assist with HESA data submissions and other statutory reporting.

Clearing data quality errors

Staff classifications

HRINFO20 Casual worker data quality validation At any point in the month  To assist with HESA data submissions and other statutory reporting. Clearing data quality errors 
Staff classifications
PERDEP06 Agency workers At any point in the month  To comply with 12-week service rules   


Report When to run Purpose Guidance/Further information
RECDEP40 Vacancy details At any point in the month  To ensure vacancies are updates and closed in a timely manner   
HRINFO21 Vacancy and applicant data quality report At any point in the month  To maintain applicant status and vacancy management (useful for Athena Swan data)  Making changes to recruitment data 


As the titles of Statutory Professor and Titular Professor in the ‘Academic title’ UDF are used in central reporting to place employees into the Academic Professor group for Athena SWAN and correct recording of ‘Titular Professor’ assists in the annual HESA staff returns, it is important to check that all academic titles are recorded correctly. We advise that you:

  • run the PERDEP22_Academic Title report to identify missing/incorrect information
  • familiarise yourself with the titles, their conferral process and the team responsible for data entry:Academic title Appendix
  • add/correct the information where you have responsibility to add or update the Academic Title UDF
  • instruct and follow-up with Data Services where amendments are to be made by this team
  • add the end date in the ‘To Date’ field in the Academic Title UDF when the academic title no longer applies

Guidance: Set up and manage academic titles

By following the above you will avoid emails from the HR Analytics team asking that Academic Title data is added or corrected.

The ‘HRINFO02_AthenaSWAN Potential Staff Data’ readiness report will be available from the end of May until 31 July 2024. The report allows departments to review their Athena SWAN data before the extract is taken for the 2024 Tableau data refresh.
How to prepare:

  • It will be beneficial to run and clear all anomalies from your ‘HRINFO01 Data Quality Validation’ report by following Data Quality Clearing Errors before reviewing the ‘HRINFO02 AthenaSWAN Potential Staff Data’ report.
  • Ensure that all parental leave action and reason codes have been entered for all relevant employees, including recording return from parental leave.

For details on the methodology, background and contents of the Athena_StaffData and Athena_RecruitmentData, as well as instructions on using Tableau, refer to the Athena SWAN Tableau Manual

To access these Tableau workbooks, follow the process on the Accessing Tableau webpage. More information is available on our Athena web pages.

Before payments are made, departments must complete the relevant UDF for all nominations, including those without awards, following the Reward and Recognition Scheme guide. 

To check if data has been entered or to verify it, run the PERDEP47 R and R Scheme Monitoring report. This report relies on the data recorded in two UDFs: Appt: R&R Recognition Scheme and Appt: R&R Awards for Excellence. 

For details on the monitoring of the scheme refer to the HR Support webpages. For questions about the scheme contact the Reward team

The 'Previous HEI Employment' UDF should be recorded for all staff regardless of whether they were employed previously with another higher education institution (HEI) in the UK or not. 

‘No’ must be selected in the ‘Previous HEI employment?’ field in the following scenarios:

  • No previous HEI employment in the UK
  • Has previously worked for another HEI abroad (i.e. outside of UK)
  • Has previously worked at University of Oxford or an Oxford college
  • Has been an undergraduate or postgraduate student in a UK HEI but has not been employed at a UK HEI

‘Yes’ must only be selected in the ‘Previous HEI employment?’ field if they have been employed by another UK higher education institution.

Please note that you only need to complete this UDF on behalf of staff not using the PeopleXD Onboarding process, otherwise simply check that this data has been provided is correct.

For further information please visit: Previous HEI employment    

New and updated documents

Guide Update
Recording appointment start and end dates Reviewed and moved to online version
Accessing HR Systems and Navigating PeopleXD

Reviewed and moved to online version

Navigation and overview added for new Organisational Chart functionality – (see item above)


Project updates

Details of current, in-scope projects under the HR Systems Programme can be found on our dedicated webpage. This includes latest updates and timelines, where available. Note: These pages are under development and are updated regularly.

HR Systems Programme projects